Monday, 27 March 2017

Amp it Up

(Intentional upload of this blurry photo as it looks cool)

Accessorising your outfit with jewellery can bring an edge to your outfit, from basic to sophisticated. 

In this outfit I went for a very minimalist approach bringing the classics; a white button up with a black mini skirt and to finish it off a denim jacket and of course for comfort, my connies. I also paired it with my cross body bag which I can fit everything into and to add interest I wore some frilly socks which adds a small detail. 

To amp up my look I accessorised as it can really take your outfit from a 0 to 10. Minimalist jewellery really is what my style for jewellery is, as the name suggest it's minimal which is what I go for. As you can see I am a silver kinda girl and occasionally I may wear gold depending on the occasion but in this outfit I am featuring the pieces:

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