Saturday, 5 November 2016

Flaring Out

C/MEO Collective Counting Stars Bustier // Alpha-Be The Label Carnivale Pants // Windsor Smith Black Boots 

My outfit for Paolo Sebastian's show was a bit extra as you know it was Paolo Sebastian a world-renowned couturist. I had already planned my outfit for the night but before the show but I went to the Norwood Markets with my friend Ray and as we were browsing through the stalls we came across Alpha-Be The Label and found one of a kind tan flared pants. I fell in love straight away because it was such a unique item. We both ended up purchasing a pair and I just made a quick decision to wear it that night as well. I definitely don't regret that impulse purchase because I love them so much and they looked amazing on the night! 

In preparation for the show we planned to go out and eat but after spending all our money at the markets we ended up having a home cooked meal. As we took our time to chill and eat it was nearly time to actually get ready and go. We started to panic about transportation because we missed our bus but we ended up taking an Uber since we were quite dressy and didn't want to be on the bus looking like this. As we arrived my hair was a hot mess so I went to the Beauty Bar to get my hair sorted out. Evo hair and Clip Joint Salons were the sponsors for hair during AFF and I had my hair curled. After we were scrambling to get some photos so we could share it across our social media before the sun went down and there was no sunlight. Some photographers were snapping us for street style and we happen to have caught the eye of Cocktail Revolution and City Mag. 

My look for the night was was formal with a black bustier and the stunning flared pants. This colour palette is similar (maybe exactly the same) as my Serving BOHO outfit. At first when the flare trend came about it wasn't really my thing to be rocking flare pants but after this, I'm kinda feeling this trend. I honestly love them so much especially when you walk in them, it makes such a statement.

Keep an eye out for my AFF Experience blogpost which should be up soon!

Photographer: Rachael Sia
Hair: Clip Joint Salons

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