Thursday, 16 July 2015

Pretty in Pastel

Since I try to wear more colour I went for an all pastel outfit using pink, green and blue. The weather was a bit windy so I wore a coat and thigh high socks with boots. This was an outfit I wore last Friday on the 10th but I couldn’t upload it until now because I went to Melbourne the the wifi was not great and when I was uploading the photos the quality was very bad so I waited until I arrived back in Adelaide to write and post this. 

The Pastel Pink Jumper in from Dotti, it's very thick and keeps me warm. The sleeves were really long for me and I had to roll them up 2-3 times for them not to hang off my arms. I really love this jumper but I don’t wear this much because it is pink. This style is no longer available but similar ones can be found here, here, here and here.

My Chiffon Shorts are from Orbin the Label which are very breathable and comfy since they are not structured. I really wanted to wear these because I bought them back during christmas time but I haven't worn them out. Since they were pastel I thought, might as well go all out on a cute pastel outfit. These shorts are no longer available in this style but a similar one can be found here.

My cross body bag is from Myer in the Missshop department and they came in an assortment of colours including black, white and pastel blue. Normally I would have gotten black because it is such a classic colour to purchase. But I wanted to get a different colour so I went for the blue one. This is my first time wearing it and I really liked it with the outfit. Similar styles can be found here and here.

My socks I think are from Urban Outfitters which I got a long long time ago but similar styles can be found here and here

Again this is the same necklace which I have been wearing in my latest outfits. The necklace is from Sportsgirl but is no longer available but can similar styles can be found here and here.

My coat is from the label St. James which I have no knowledge of because it was my mums old coat which she got a long time ago and I loved it so I took it from her. This coat is a timeless classic which can be found in similar styles here and here.

My shoes are also from Dotti which I also got a long time ago. I honestly forgot I even owned this pair of boots because I have so many pairs stored in boxes that I forget and until mum found them I started wearing them again because they are cute and a chunk with lace ups creating a feminine appeal. Similar styles of this can be found here and here.

Cindy x

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