Sunday, 17 May 2015

Black Àccents

So since I was travelling, I wanted to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. Of course I wanted to look presentable, I mean who doesn't especially when they're going out. I dress according to comfort most of the time, because if you feel good you look good. 

The jumper I wore was my white jumper by The Fifth which has different textures and shades of white. It has a faint zig zag pattern from all the way across but the sleeves were a totally different shade of white. Dressing in monochrome, it is important to incorporate variations of the colours and different textures as it gives depth to your final outfit. This Jumper is no longer in stock and I could not find any similar ones. 

I went with my boyfriend fit white denim jeans for my bottoms because I knew the were comfortable. I know I said in my previous post that I hate wearing jeans, yes but I think it's just the skinny jeans where you can't really move in. These were so comfortable on the plane because I could move in them and not feel uncomfortable on the plane trip. The Akeema Ripped Jeans can be found here from 10 Points for Chic and they are still in stock, so grab a pair while you can!

My white coat is from Bardot which kept me so warm and I knew Melbourne was going to be cold so I needed to bring a coat along. I chose the White Coat because it would suit the monochrome outfit as well as keep me warm. This coat as well is no longer in stock and I could not find a similar one that looked decent. 

The boots I'm wearing are from Tony Bianco in the style Diesel which is no longer in stock again. But any black boots can be worn with this outfit. I'm sure most retailers would have a similar pair of boots. A very similar style is the Eamon boot from Lipstik shoes.

I kept most of my accessories black because it would contrast with the white. My hat, scarf, belt, bag and boots were black to add black accents to my outfit. Even though my sunnies were white I think it worked well with the outfit because the black accessories were more of the perimeter of me. My jewellery of course is the same as my previous post, gold watch and rings ranging from gold to silver. My hat and bag are from Bardot, the watch is from Guess, the rings are from misshop Myer, my necklaces are miscellaneous along with my scarf and belt. 

Cindy x

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