Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Today I went to the city with my friend to "study", at the state Library and found a quiet spot to settle down and get work started. I got little work done as I always get distracted even though the atmosphere was silent and easy for me to concentrate. We stayed there for around 2-3 hours until we got hungry and decided to go walk to Hindley St and find a restaurant to eat at. We ended up eating at Ajisen Ramen, I ordered a Bento box which I forgot the name of but it was the one with the salmon!

For my top this morning, I was also debating with the Minkpink Bobble Cropped sweater with pom poms or a basic plain tee which would have looked simple and minimalistic. But the piece I ended up wearing was the sweater, it was a little different and quirky as you don't see pieces like that often. The sweater was from a garage sale I picked up and showed in my thrift haul post here, and the brand was mink pink. You can be notified when it comes back in stock at asos here, I couldn't find any good alternatives sorry!

Since today was sunny with a cold breeze I threw on my Going Gaga blazer over the top which is not my normal go to jacket when I'm late but I felt like going for something different. I was so surprised when my blazer fit over the top of the sweater as well because it was thick. I really like this blazer because it has a peplum detailing added to it where you can zip it on or off. The blazer's brand is the Sloane Society which can be found here.

So today I woke up late and had hardly any time to make myself presentable. I decided to wear my black high waisted jeans from forever 21 because it is my go to piece for my bottoms (well sometimes it's my black trousers but they were in the wash so I had to make do with what I had) because I know they go with everything, you can't go wrong with black! I also added a belt which had a simple gold detailing in the middle to accessorise my jeans. Normally I don't wear jeans because I now find them uncomfortable and hard to move in so when I ended up wearing them today it felt like forever since I've worn a pair!

I think my outfit today was really revolved around these man tailored lace up shoes for woman which I grabbed at The Gilles Street Market. The brand was Zu Shoe and they were basically brand new and hardly worn in. When i saw the shoes I was like, "I must have them!" because I had been looking for this style of shoe for a while and then I finally found it so I was so happy when I bought them. The shoes looked really sophisticated and chic which would make any outfit look smart. The style I think was called Sherrin which is no longer in stock but you can find a similar pair here, here or here. I'm sure if you go to most retailers or online website, you could find many alternatives in this style!

Accessories I am wearing are an assortment of rings from Myer, misshop department which I got on sale so they are not on the website but I'm sure you can find similar styles in Lovisa, Equip or Colette by Colette Hayman. My watch is from Guess, I'm not sure which style it is but they have a variety of other ones and necklace which you can hardly see in the photos, I got as a gift and forgot where I got it from. It's a simple necklace with a heart studded with diamonds.

I am so sorry that I took a while to get fashion related posts up because lately I have not been feeling inspirational with what I have been wearing and I couldn't always get someone to take photos for me. Sorry, this post took a while to write because I was finding all the links and I really wanted to go more in depth with my writing for this!

Cindy x

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