Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Operator 25

On Saturday, I went to Operator 25 for lunch in Melbourne with my friend Lily. Operator 25 had a section of Breakfast Brunch and Lunch which is set in a heritage building, located on 25 Wills St, Melbourne CBD. There was a 30-40 minute wait for the table which I thought was not worth it but my friend insisted that it was and she convinced me to be patient. They gave us a complimentary water and handed us the menu. Even though I sat at the tables outside (where there was better lighting for the photos) on the street, when I went to pay the bill I had a glimpse of the interior was rustic and modern at the same time, it gave off a relaxing vibe.

When the waitress handed the menu to me, it looked very limited but I could not decide what to get. They also had vegetarian and gluten free options along with a children's menu. I decided to order the Braised Lamb with Spring Vegetables. The Lamb was so soft and easy to eat, I loved the Vegetables on there like the baby carrots but I hated the onions, they're just not my thing but the dish was lovely.My friend ordered ordered Three Rice Congee with pressed duck confit, puffed buckwheat, lotus crisps and soy poached egg.

The Braised Lamb

Three Rice Congee

Cindy x

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