Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Entree Size Tempura
Tempura prawns and various vegetables

Main size Sashimi and Sushi
Four kinds of sashimi and 6P sushi roll

Tofu and Seaweed Salad
With special ponzu citrus-based dressing

Nabeyaki Udon
Udon noodle soup with tempura, egg, chicken and fresh vegetables

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream
with strawberries and cream

I went to Ginza Japanese Restaurant which is located in Adelaide, Unley Road. My mum and I heard a lot of positive reviews from this restaurant, so we decided to go there for Sunday night dinner also for my dad's late birthday dinner. There was so much variety of Japanese food to choose from and there was a buffet but we did not eat at the buffet since we were not very hungry.

The first dish I ordered was the Entree Size Tempura it had tempura prawn, sweet potato, zucchini and eggplant. Also it came with a dipping sauce on the side which was optional. I did not quite enjoy the sauce because it was near the side of bland than tasty. The tempura sweet potato was my favourite because I have a tendency to like sweet potato and having it with a crunchy batter was even better! Tempura prawn is always a must if you go to a Japanese restaurant!

The second dish we ordered was the Main Size Sashimi and Sushi. The dish came with salmon, tuna and yellow tail sashimi. I personally enjoyed the sashimi but some people do not because it is fresh raw meat cut into slices, and you dip into soy sauce. Also it came with six pieces of avocado and fake seafood sushi. I did not eat it because I do not like eating processed food. The sides with it were pickled ginger, cucumber, lemon slices, wasabi and seaweed. The complimentary sides were very tasty along with the sashimi. 

The third dish we ordered was the Tofu and Seaweed Salad. I love salad but this salad in my opinion did not make my taste buds tingle. I think it was the ponzu dressing, because I found it very bland and sour. The tofu was very silky and smooth which was a nice texture. I enjoyed how big the serving was for what I payed.

The last dish was the Nabeyaki Udon Soup. I loved the soup because the soup was tasty with the udon noodles. It had egg, seaweed, carrot, tempura and chicken. The udon noodle was very silky smooth and thick but was cooked well because it was not chewy or hard. 

Lastly, the dessert I ordered was Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream. This is one of my favourite Japanese desserts along with the black sesame ice cream but they did not make it at Ginza. The ice cream here was the most flavour of matcha out of all the ones I have tasted. The flavour and texture of this was amazing. The texture was so smooth and had red been and it. The flavour was so intense, they infused the matcha flavour into the ice cream so well it was more matcha than sweet.

Cindy x

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